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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012


Batu Night Spectaculer (BNS) is a Amusement park for entertainment and family recreation in the evening presented a very interesting week in the city of Batu, East Java. An exotic panorama of mountains, where games and hobbies such as delivery vehicle for garden lanterns, ghost hunting, the playing of up to four-dimensional cinema. Batu Night Spectaculer (BNS) are recreational, exclusive and spectacular. "All recreational rides and games we deliberately suguhkan for the community to complement the beauty of the night is more fascinating," said Hary Cahyono Director of Operations PT Mutiara Indah Prosperous, owner and manager of BNS.

Batu Night Spectaculer (BNS) is a concept of modern entertainment and family recreation in the City of Stone Travel in the evening. The concept of an integrated family entertainment atmosphere with a blend of the concept of a mall, market, games, sports, and entertainment in one place and the new space. Located on Highway 200 Oro-Oro Ombo, Oro-Oro Ombo village, Batu, East Java, tel (0341) 5025111, 5.02558 million.

By presenting the more exotic and exclusivism in the evening, BNS getting rolled and bounced like a balloon glow that shot into the air to decorate the charm of Stone Town Tourism. Imagine, visitors can enjoy all the facilities available at BNS. By ticket only Rp. 12.500, - per person, visitors are able to enter and walk around in an atmosphere full of entertainment, as well as perpetuating themselves by shooting with a camera or a video game miscellaneous background sparkling beauty of the miniature world of sights that are emitted by the lamps 'neon'. Even the visitors can take pictures with stars Rock'n Roll legend Elvis Presley.

All Vehicle For Any Age
Any kind of amusement rides at the BNS reserved and can be enjoyed by all ages, from children to adults. Except for special vehicles such as the adult in the middle of the night and Live Music Café 'After Me'. BNS includes a variety of rides on Carnival and Games Room, Night Market, Food Court, Café and Resto, Circuit Race, Cinema 4 Dimension, ghost house, Observatory Deck and Lantern Garden. 


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